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JAHAN DIECAST Company & DJ HOLDING GROUP operates in various fields, the most important of which is the supply and sale of raw materials, both raw and processed, as well as consulting and designing and manufacturing various car parts, and in addition, designing, manufacturing, installing and Setting up various industrial lines, including casting lines for car parts. And also we can proudly create the fields of export and import of all the mentioned items.

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Our company has the possibility of providing all the required items related to casting and part making and related machines with the best and most optimal conditions.

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DJ Holding Group consists of several different companies, each of which operates in different fields, including casting, CNC machining, component manufacturing, etc., and for this reason, this group is able to meet the needs of all industries.

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You can contact us at any time by e-mail and phone, as well as through the form below.

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    Aroos co. DJ Holding Group
    • 15 June 2024

    Aroos Company started its activities in the aluminum casting and machining industry in 1982 with the exclusive brand “AROOS”. Currently, all production stages, from melting and pressure die casting, to machining and finishing, and finally powder coating and preparation of the final product, as well as quality control of the products, are fully carried out by the technicians of this company with the most up-to-date equipment and industrial methods.

    Mátra co. DJ Holding Group
    • 15 June 2024

    Welcome to Mátra – Your Ultimate Destination for Premium Sanitary Faucets Mátra stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the realm of sanitary faucets. Our journey began with the visionary leadership of Milad Ale ali, who founded Duna Commerce & Fabrication in 2020. Initially focused on distribution and commercial ventures, He recognized an opportunity to expand into the burgeoning market of sanitary faucets. In 2023, with a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, he launched Mátra to redefine standards and elevate experiences in the industry.

    Mehvarsazan Iran Khodro Industrial Company DJ Holding Group
    • 15 June 2024

    Mehvarsazan Iran Khodro Industrial Company was established in 1343 in the Companies and Industrial Property Registration Office in Tehran and started its activities in 1345. Since the company’s original articles of association defined its main activity as producing and assembling buses and minibuses, the company initially registered as a “joint stock company of the Iranian Bus Manufacturers Factory Consortium” to produce buses and minibuses. “Khodrosazan” changed its name and in 2000, due to the major purchase of the company’s shares by Iran Khodro Investment Development Company, it was renamed “Mehvarsazan Iran Khodro Industrial Company” and became one of the subsidiaries of Iran Khodro Industrial Group. Mehvarsazan Iran Khodro Industrial Company changed its mission in 1994 and with the transfer of mini-bus production lines to Zamyad Company, it started to produce Peykan axle. It was decided that the description is as follows. The company consists of the units of engineering affairs, technical services, commercial affairs, quality control, organizational and system engineering, human resources, public relations, security, finance and planning. This company has been active in the stock market since 1993 and has received quality certificates for the production of its products, including ISO / TS 16949, ISO14000, ISO 9001, etc.  The company’s products include: Arisan axle Peugeot 405 axle Peugeot 206 axle Peugeot Pars axle Samand axle H30 crossover axle Cranville and Pinion Types of car parts Types of gears